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"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'" Matthew 25:40

Merry Christmas Dear Friends!

The snow has come, the cold is here, and all just in time for Christmas! For us in the Northland, it just wouldn't be the same without the beautiful white covering, would it? Well, whether we like the snow or not, we can all appreciate the symbol of being made as white as snow through our Savior! This is the time of year we get to reflect on the beauty of our Lord's birth and celebrate His coming to earth!

When I think about how this most amazing miracle came to be, I can't help but think of Jesus' parents, Mary and Joseph. Oh what a scandal it must have been for them! Imagine telling their story to family and friends back then! Mary and Joseph knew the truth, but I bet most around the young couple did not believe them. How hard it must have been. Yet they had been assured by God's angel, and they continued in what God has asked of them.

Mary and Joseph's obedience led to a precious baby boy who would change the world forever!

Here at the Pregnancy Resource Center and Lex Specialty Clinic we are honored to see the beauty of new babies all the time. We never know just what impact these little lives will have in the world, but we do know that God has a purpose and a plan for each one of them! And we know we are called to help "the least of these"!

YOU help make these new lives a reality each and every day!

This ministry cannot help moms and dads make positive life choices for their babies without you! Let's face it, this type of work is costly because it involves real humans helping real humans. There is no other way to touch lives than through consistent and personal relationships. These on-going relationships are built as we help women and men with real life issues. Every program we do is designed to meet a man or woman where they are, to work with them in an individualized way, meeting their specific needs. We do it this way because it works!

The best way to change lives is through the hope of Christ and the hands of Christians - one life at a time!

If you were at our banquets this fall, you heard one of our moms, Shannan, share how we not only helped and supported her through a difficult life choice, but also how we helped her grow spiritually and "helped build character". Our goal is to save more than just the physical - it is to also save the spiritual. Sharing the Gospel of Christ is always going to be a core piece of the work we do - right next to helping those parents find a life option for their baby. We accomplish all of this without accepting any government funds and, instead, are supported by the communities we serve!

As you choose where to send your year-end gifts, please consider us!

I know at this time of year you are getting many cards and letters asking for your year-end gift. As you evaluate your options, please consider helping us to save, and change, the lives of babies and parents. I guarantee we are a place that your dollars affect real lives! Lives like our 2017 Christmas Cherub, baby Emmett. His mom has shared how much our support has helped her and Emmett's dad create a new family filled with love. Whatever plans God has for Emmett we know they will be perfect for him!

Consider helping us continue to meet the needs in both Isanti and Anoka County this next year.

You can click on any DONATE button on this website to give safely and securely. You can also give a non-cash gift to this ministry by using our iDonate option - just click on the Donate tab at the top of this site, and choose Non-cash Items. This allows us to accept anything from cars, boats, RVs, to jewelry, electronics and even property, stocks and inventory! Anything that can be turned into cash can be donated as a tax deduction for you and a financial benefit to us!

Your gift will help all the little babies, like Emmett, we encounter this next year.

No matter who you decide to give to this Christmas, or however much you decide to share with this ministry, please always, ALWAYS, keep us in your prayers. We need prayer each and every day as we continue to work to save lives, both physical and eternal! There is always some way to help this ministry and that is what we ask. How can you help us this year? Maybe it is financially, maybe it is by volunteering, but always it can be by praying!

And please remember - we are SO thankful for all you have already done this past year to save lives!

I pray this Christmas you enjoy all you have. And may you enjoy the knowledge that you created a very Merry Christmas for many, many families this year - families like little Emmett now has!

Be very blessed in this special season of Love!

Gina Kennedy
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. As a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, your gift to us is not only life-saving, but a tax-dedudtible charitable contribution. Always check with your tax advisor on gift deductibility.

•You can give a one-time gift by clicking any donate button on this site.
•You can give a non-cash gift through our iDonate program, which allows us to accept almost any type of gift – vehicles, property, electronics, jewelry, stocks, bonds, boats, RVs, antiques, business equity, large quantities of merchandise – anything that could be converted to cash. You get the tax deduction – we get the cash! Go to our website and under the Donate tab you click on non-cash gifts – or call 763-200-5078 for assistance!
•You can pray for this ministry, the staff, the Board of Directors, the volunteers, and the clients who need us!
•You can join us by getting involved – as a church representative, a baby bottle coordinator, a volunteer advocate or a prayer team member. Contact Lisa at 763-689-4319



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