Donation Facts

Donate Funds
Not sure how much to donate? Worried that you can't give enough to make a difference? Well, here are some of our costs so you can see how $10, $25, $100 or more can make a difference in people's lives and keep the Pregnancy Resource center running at full speed!

      $5 = a box of wipes
      $5 = one purity bracelet (for client taking relationship education/sexual integrity class)
    $10-$20 = a pack of diapers
    $20 = 50 educational brochures
    $30 = 30 pregnancy tests
    $50 = one gift card reward (for a client who completes a Bible study)
               or the Sexual Integrity program)
    $60 = a high chair for one baby
   $130 = a crib for a young mom in need
   $600 = the updated Earn While You Learn parenting curriculum
   $1,150 = the PRC’s rent for one month
   $300 = the PRC's utilities for one month


Woman holding baby clothes.Donate Items
The PRC also welcomes donations of most baby items for our baby store. We rely on the community to stock our shelves with the items our clients earn through taking parenting classes. Some groups even get together and throw a baby shower for us (and if you want one of the staff will come to your event and talk about where the items will go)! Items accepted include:

   Carseats (NEW only)
   Baby furniture, swings, bouncy seats, exersaucers, high chairs, etc. (new or very gently used)
   Clothes sizes 0-12 (NEW please, due to lack of storage space.)
   Diapers and wipes
   Bath items
   Bottles and bottle brushes
   Baby food and formula
   Toys and books
   Crib sheets
   Hooded towels and washcloths
   Boppy pillows
   Baby monitors

We no longer accept maternity clothing due to space constraints. We recommend donating used maternity clothing and used baby clothing to Shalom Thrift Shop in Cambridge as they support this ministry through financial gifts and allowing clients in need to get free items with our referral.

We recommend donating these items in East Bethel to NACE Food and Clothing as they also work with us to supply clothing to Anoka County clients.

Life Support Program
Interested in sponsoring an individual client and praying for them throughout their pregnancy? Contact Carol at to find out more about the Life Support program!

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